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Fund Source India provides bridge loans to clients who are in immediate requirement of short-term loans to meet any payment deadline or for any special purpose like the immediate purchase of raw material. It can be raised within the shortest period and is available in PAN India. Bridge loans are available from Rs.1 cr to any amount and can be used for any purpose & can be raised against the collateral property.

Our experienced team does the assessment of client business & underlines securities and explores the best possibilities on the proposal. We are a company which works on the modern day solutions of the financial market. We work symmetrically with the client to arrange & manage the documentation required in case to deliver or service the commitment. We funded in all major cities of the country. Through our support, clients positively meet their goal of bridge financing.

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What is Bridge Finance?

Bridge Finance is a short-term & temporary loan raised by a company to meet current expenses or a special purpose/payment deadlines till it is replaced by the bigger tranche of funds through a secured loan or sale of an asset.

Most of businesses seek bridge finance from private lenders due to issues in raising funds due to credit rating or incomplete or improper documentation. Moreover, these issues can be resolved in the near future so they can raise permanent finance options with better competent rates. Also, bridge loans carry higher interest rates in comparison with traditional banking loans due to their nature & lenders who are giving these loans.

Bridge loans have shorter repayment duration due to their loan type as they fill the gap between the current finance requirement and the main funding arrangement of the company. Raising the funds from banks takes a lot of time and generally takes months so to incur the expenses till the disbursement of the loan, the company takes bridge financing. Bridge Finance can be taken for the following situations :

  • For any kind of immediate finance requirement
  • To purchase raw material
  • To close a previous loan
  • Issues in credit ratings
  • Lack of sufficient documents for the loan
  • When a large funding is in process, but taking time

Features of Bridge Finance

  • Starting from Rs.1 cr
  • Short process time
  • Shorter loan tenor
  • Available in PAN India
  • Against Collateral Property
  • Usually higher interest rate loan
  • Can be easily transferred to other banks & NBFC’s

Advantages of Bridge Finance

  1. Shorter approval Time: Bridge loans can be obtained relatively quickly compared to traditional financing options, making them ideal for time-sensitive situations.
  2. Flexibility: Bridge loans have flexibility in their repayment schedule. Borrowers can discuss and negotiate with the lenders towards the repayment period & repayment method like as EMI or bullet payment mode or even balloon repayment schedule.
  3. Usefulness: Bridge loans deliver funds at the very right time due to which clients can take advantage of discounts or concessions available for that particular time.
  4. Achieving a long-term goal: Bridge loans prove to be helpful for achieving long-term financial or business goals which are only hurdled by the immediate requirement of cash which can be fulfilled by bridge financing.
  5. Refinance: Bridge loans through us, can be easily refinanced through banks & other NBFCs as we work as a financial institution registered under RBI so it will be easy for other institutions to take over the loan from us.
  6. Solution for Poor credit rating: Borrowers with credit rating issues due to some past or current loan can also avail of bridge loans.
  7. Lack of documentation: In opposite to traditional financing of banks, a bridge finance facility is also available for clients who started their business journey in the past two to three years but performing well but have limited documents with them.
  8. Managing current expenses: Best use of bridge financing is to utilize it for incurring current expenses till the infusion of a bigger & permanent secured loan in the company.
  9. Cleaner Balance Sheet: It can be utilized for paying the current statutory liabilities or overdue in other loan accounts to smoothen the loan repayments and keep the company free from bad loans and maintaining a cleaner balance sheet.

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