Purchase of Stress Asset

A loan for the purchase of stress/distress assets is available to Clients who looking to buy a stress asset from a bank or directly through a borrower. This distressed asset loan can be raised in full or partial amounts of the purchase transactions depending on the income generation of the asset and the financial eligibility of the purchaser.

These days lots of corporates or people are interested in buying a stress asset from bank of nbfc. They do so, in view of lower prices of asset as bank dilute or sale these assets lower than the market price. In some cases of industrial units, bank offered rates are very low in comparison with current market value of the asset. So one can take benefit from this opportunity. But the biggest problem with these transactions, that normally lots of banks & nbfc’s are not interested in these transactions or does not provide funds for this kind of transactions. So, this is a kind restriction to avail benefit of this opportunity as they does not have sufficient fund to purchase the asset. We offer loans for purchasing stress assets through banks or Auction. And one can also avail this loan, if he is directly in discussion with owner of property/asset, but transaction need to be routed through bank or nbfc. We offer loans for following assets from bank :

• Loan for buying a non-operative unit
• Loan for buying a running units
• Loan for buying a commercial properties
• Loan for buying a residential property
• To acquire assets under Family Settlement

Key Features of Purchase for Stress Asset

  • Available in all major cities
  • Loan up to any amount
  • Repayment plan as per requirements
  • Quick Turnaround time
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