NPA Loan

NPA Loan

NPA Loan

NPA Loan provides financial assistance to an NPA account borrower to close their previous NPA account liability as per RBI guidelines which helps the borrower to come out of stressful legal situations created by the bank to recover their loan. We can pay directly to your previous bank & take over all existing securities and collateral. In some particular cases also provides additional working capital for business.

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Benefits of NPA Loan

  1. Freedom from NPA Status: Client gets the immediate relief from the NPA status & financial issues associated with it like he can be eligible for standard banking facilities of fund base and non-fund base.
  2. Get Freedom from legal Litigations: One of the greatest benefits of this loan is providing freedom from legal litigations with the previous bank which requires a lot of time & money to handle and provides a mental relief to focus on their business.
  3. Get working Capital for Business: After the this new loan client can raise a working capital loan from other financial institutions to fulfill fund requirements to expand their business.
  4. Save the Precious Property: This new loan saves the borrowers precious house properties which are nestle of the beloved family & factory properties which are the source of income, from banking possession & auction processes.
  5. Better Cash Flow Utilization : After relief from NPA, a borrower can manage and utilize their cash flows as their requirement which was earlier utilized in paying bank unwanted interest & penalties.

Key Features

  1. Repayment Tenor: This loan facility usually offers a repayment tenor of 5-7 years so the client can manage their finances in a better way.
  2. Moratorium Period: A moratorium period is provided to give some breathing time for managing to client.
  3. Multiple Repayment Method: A multiple repayment method is offered in the form of EMIs, a ballooning method, or even a bullet payment in some particular cases. 
  4. Working Capital: In some particular cases, additional working capital is provided to meet the business expansion plans of the borrowers.
  5. OTS and Non-OTS Transactions: This loan facility can be used both the way to close the total loan outstanding and to pay the account which is settled under OTS(One-Time Settlement).
  6. All India Availability: This loan facility can be availed in any part of India and the loan range starts from Rs.2 crores to any amount.

Terms & Conditions

  • NPA Loan starts from Rs.1 crores to any amount
  • Loan available in all major cities of India
  • Available for OTS Finance or Non-OTS Transaction
  • Can be utilized to pay partial to full NPA outstanding

How Our Services Work?

We make it easy and quick:

  1. Talk to us with your Loan information.
  2. Our experts figure out what you need and recommend solutions.
  3. We provide a financing solution  that matches your current financial situation.
  4. Send your request and documents.
  5. Our team analyze and gives you the final sanction.
  6. You will get the disbursal as per agreed timeline

Client Testimonials

“One of the best NPA Loan Companies in India. Their Prompt services provide us a remarkable financial assistance.” –Sushil Bhalerao

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