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Fund Source India provides corporate loans to clients who require a big quantum of loans to launch a new project or want to scale the previous business. Generally, big corporate houses require loans in bigger amounts and require multiple loan products under a single umbrella for their different aspects of the business. The fund raised through this loan is used for smooth functioning that, takes care of short-term as well as long-term expenses. This can be raised to meet the daily expenses, working capital requirements, upgrading machinery, and for any other expansion-related activities like starting a new unit or launching a new project.

Corporate loans can either be secured or unsecured. Secured loans require a business asset as collateral as a part of security. If borrowers apply for secured loans, they can benefit from a lower rate of interest, higher borrowing limits, and longer repayment terms compared to unsecured loans. Actually, secured loans are a better way to get maximum benefits in the deal than unsecured ones.

Unsecured loans are applied for immediate fund requirements and no security is required. But, these unsecured loans require a high credit profile of customers.

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What is Corporate Loan?

A corporate loan is a high-ticket-sized loan and can be raised as a single loan or a combination of fund-base and non-fund-base loan facilities required for the launch and day-to-day expenses of a project or business scaling.

Corporate Loans can be a single loan or a mix of different loan facilities like a factory construction loan, machinery loan, working capital limit, and BG/LC loans under one exposure.

Corporate loans are generally given by a single lender or sometimes raised by multiple lenders together under a consortium as per the size of the transaction. Sometimes corporate loans can be raised from overseas institutions or investors also in the form of ECB or Foreign direct investment (FDI).

Types of Corporate Loans

There are different types of loans that fall under corporate loans. Borrowers can choose one or multiple types according to their needs. For example: for a new unit or acquiring a new project one can take a term loan and for day-to-day expenses, he can avail a working capital limit with it. The following are the types of loans:

  • Term Loan
  • Letter of Credit & Bank Guarantee
  • Cash Credit
  • Overdraft Facility
  • Purchase of New Unit or Machinery Loan
  • Purchase of Stress Assets through bank or Auction

Eligibility Criteria for Corporate Loan

  • As a loan applicant, you need to have an established business for at least 5 years.
  • The company should have made a profit in the last 2 years.
  • The company should have a strong credit rating, along with a record of successful business.
  • In case, you have applied for a loan in the past, the bank will check your records and repayment status before sanctioning the loan.

Documents Required for Corporate Loan

  • Company Profile
  • Company Credit rating
  • Last three years’ Balance Sheet
  • Last year’s Bank Statement

Some General Features

  • Available in all major cities
  • Up to any amount
  • Easy onset of the process through soft copies
  • Customized offerings to suit customer needs

Corporate Loans for SMA 1 & SMA 2 clients / Finance for Corporate NPA Accounts

A large corporate borrower aggregates fund base and non-fund base exposure from one bank or more likely from different banks. This arrangement will be through consortium funding with one lead bank or through multiple banking arrangements. Also, corporates are running different companies or entities. So any issues in repayment of any of the loans, whether it is fund base or non-fund base or may in sister concern, creates a negative impression in cibil & other ratings which ultimately creates issues in raising the next round of funding from banks or nbfc’s as they generally require a client with clean repayment history. Moreover, if any of their loan accounts are marked as SMA 1 or SMA 2 then, it will be really very difficult to raise funds from bankers.

Fund Source India provides funds/loans to SMA1 or SMA2 corporate clients through RBI-registered companies which are specifically interested in financing these profiles. We access our client’s financial profiles, underline securities, and issues in previous loans then suggest the best solution as per their requirement and current scenario.

Also as a stress financing company, we can handle the requirements of corporate NPA accounts. There are good finance facilities available for NPA accounts above 10 cr +, 25cr +, 50 Cr +, or even 250 cr +. All is needed is a good-running business having well maintained Balance Sheet with positive cash flows. This means, irrespective of NPA account issues, if a company manages to run its business with good profit margins, then surely it can avail of this loan facility for large NPA accounts.

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