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Finance for NPA Accounts/Finance for Big ticket NPA Accounts & Finance for SM1 & SM2. Clients in all major cities; serving clients under DRT & NCLT. Serving PAN India.


OTS Finance

India's No.1 OTS Finance Company with Proven Track Record. Clients in all major cities; serving clients under DRT & NCLT.


Fund Source India is India's No.1 NPA & OTS Finance Company

About Fund Source

Fund Source is India’s No.1 NPA Finance & OTS Finance company with Proven Track Record. We are exclusively working for Private Finance for NPA Accounts (NON-PERFORMING ASSET)NPA Funding, NPA account Funding, NPA Loan Takeover, OTS FinanceOTS FundingOTS Finance Company, NPA Account Takeover, NPA Retrieval, NPA account Restructuring & MSME Loan For NPA Accounts.

NPA Source, Loan for One Time Settlement, Stress Account/Loan against Property with bad CIBIL score, Builder Finance, Private Equity, Big Corporate Funding, ECB & Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Project Finance, Loan for Real Estate & Loan for Builders.

  • Serving PAN India
  • Clients in all major cities
  • Loan starting from Rs.2 cr to any amount
  • Consider cases under DRT & NCLT

Loan Disburse in last financial year April 2022 – March 2023 (Rs. 48.40 cr.)

Loan for NPA Accounts

We provide a full range of loans for NPA accounts from pre-NPA situations like SMA1& 2 to NPA status or to close NPA accounts that settled under OTS (One-Time Settlement) and working capital requirements after closure of NPA accounts. Our services are available in all major cities in India & our loan products strictly follow the RBI(Reserve Bank of India) guidelines.
Our services are designed in such a way that helps the clients to come out of stressful situations and convert their NPA accounts into normal accounts & enjoy standard banking products to excel in business.

We directly take over the NPA account from your previous bank and offer a repayment in the form of EMI for a tenor of 4-5 years. This new loan improves your credit history and also increases your credit score.

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NPA Finance or funding services

NPA Funding

We exclusively provide NPA Funding to close your previous loan account liability and restructure the loan by giving a structured repayment plan(EMI). Our services are available in PAN India. Also available Private Finance for NPA accounts in Delhi

we have done 68 OTS Finance Transactions

OTS Finance

We exclusively provide finance to fulfill your OTS (One Time Settlement) commitment. We can pay directly to your previous bank to close your NPA account liability settled under the OTS scheme. Our loans for OTS are available in PAN India and start from Rs.1 crore to any amount required.

Builder Finance

Finance available to Developers / Builders who have marketable projects / in area of demand. Fund Source India have expertise in raising funds for Real Estate Projects.

Private Loan Against Property

Private Loan Against Property

Fund Source India provides Private loan against property to clients who are getting difficulty getting loans from regular banks and NBFC but have good property to offer as collateral. The client can get 50% of the valuation of the property & within a short period of time. 

Our Promoter

Mr.Vineet Kumar Dev has fifteen years of vast experience in the field of stress finance & NPA financing. He has done his Master of Business & Administration (finance) from University of Warwick (UK).

He started his career as sales and marketing manager with ICICI bank & later started DSA of Standard Chartered & ICICI bank and ranked no.1 in LAP product. After recession of 2009-2010, he restarted as NPA solution professional and cracked first deal of NPA Loan (2011) worth of Rs.38 cr of a cable manufacturing company based in Gujarat.

Now, he is well versed with company credit policies & having clientele in all major cities of India. He has done 100+ transactions under OTS Finance & NPA revival/NPA finance.  

His team consists of experienced financial professionals, Ex­banker who has got wide financial services experience of over Ten years or more. He has excellent relations with our lenders, Private Equity, Builder Finance, Takeover of NPA Accounts RBI, NBFC financing NPA Accounts, Finance for NPA Accounts and other NBFC.

Loan For NPA Accounts – NPA Funding By NBFC

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Funding for NPA Loan Accounts

Key Features NPA Finance: The loan starts from Rs.1 crore to any amount, Loan available in all major tier 1, 2, and 3 cities in India, OTS Finance or Non-OTS Transaction, Easy Onset of the process through soft copies, Debt + Equity arrangements in proposal larger than Rs. 10 crores.

Do you have questions about how we can help your company? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or phone +91 9810-218-215 . We would be delighted to speak. Fund Source India is a leading consulting and advisory company which provides services to Corporates, MSME’s and Startups in the area of Funds raising, Debt Resolution, Investment banking and Funding Essentials.

Note: Your details are kept strictly confidential as per our Privacy Policy.

Finance for Corporate NPA Accounts/Finance for Larger NPA Accounts or Big NPA Accounts

A large NPA borrower who aggregate fund base and non fund base exposure from one bank or more likely from different banks. This arrangement will be through consortium funding with one lead bank or through multiple banking arrangement. Such client who requires large or big NPA loans can first try to settle all the banks for such a optimum settlement amount which can be raise through current business accurals plus through some personal arrangement and above that trough some market loans. These such funding / Loans are available for NPA accounts under OTS- One Time Settlement or to settle current outstanding without OTS(One Time Settlement).

Finance Options for NPA Accounts


What is NPA Account?. When a loan account stops generating profits to bank/nbfc, then that account is declared as NPA account to bank/nbfc. Eventually that account considered as NPA account by all bank & Nbfc’s and due to strict banking regulations, all bank or nbfc will stops further financing to such clients and in worst scenerio all banking facilities & limits will be withdrawn.

How to convert NPA account to Normal account?. So, it is necessary for NPA clients to re-finance their NPA account in order to avail standard banking facilities and loans for their business. Following are some finance options for borrower :

a) Re-structure of NPA Account

Borrower can approach their bank to restructure their loan. This will regain all previous facilties and accounts and after one of operation, account will completely converted in to standard account.Then client also apply for additional loan or move to another bank for enhancement. This re-structuring decision is completely depends upon banking policies & bank hold the complete rights to decide to go for it or not.

b) Transfer of NPA Account

Borrower can transfer their NPA account in some financial institute authorized by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) for such transactions. These financial institute repay to NPA Loan account directly to your bank or nbfc. After one year of successful & timely repayment with this new financial institute, your account becomes standard.

c) Paying Loan through some External Source or Private arrangment

Borrower can do this by taking financial favour from your close relationships. Another way, approaching some private finance arrangement in your local area. Normally this kind of finance only available locally and looking out options other than your local area will not solve your purpose. Searching for this arrangement outside your local area, you will only lose time & efforts and in some cases your precious money also. Some of clients have very bad experience in terms of time & money. Top of above, this kind of financing is not readily available & is rarely available.

d) Introduce New Partner in Company

Borrower can raise funds by introducing new partner in company. New partner will takes share in company & he will infuse some funds in company, which can be used for repaying Non Performing Asset Loan accounts.

Some other Terms & Conditions in Financing of NPA’s Accounts

Location : All locations are acceptable. Few clients from following states faces little problems like Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim and J & K.

Business status : Most of the lenders prefers running businesses over closed or shut down units. Any kind of documented income through other company or rental income will resolve the purpose. In some cases, if client have ready buyer for some of its assets, then this will also attract lenders.

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