Real Estate Funding Services in India

Real Estate Funding

Real Estate Funding

Fund Source India offers exclusive Real Estate Funding services for builders & developers who are developing real estate projects(Residential or Commercial) that have high sale potential & located within India. We provide early to last-mile funding to complete real estate projects.

We are experts in raising funds for real estate projects, we can provide funds for projects which are in the launching phase or mid-construction phase, or even stalled projects. We can also take over the previous loan of the project and provide additional funds for completing the project.

Our process is fast but simple, We precisely analyze the details of the project & go deeply with the aspects like location, previous loan & current construction status then offer the best suitable finance plan. We offer easy repayment terms like a moratorium period & repayment of the loan as per the sale of inventory. We also consider the projects in which previous loan slips in to NPA due bad market conditions like the pandemic and requires immediate financial help.

So if you are looking for real estate finance for your dream project, then look no further just contact us for the best finance facility for real estate in India.

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Construction Loan for Builders

Construction loans are offered to builders or developers for developing their ongoing or newly launched construction projects that hold strong marketable potential & guarantee repayment to their lenders. The following are the key factors that are sensitive to raising a construction loan: 

  • Location: The location of real estate projects plays a very vital role as projects are in good marketable locations where other projects or townships are developing and where buyers are interested in buying their dream houses and facilities like schools & hospitals rising largely.
  • Approachable: Buyers interested in projects that are very well connected with another part of the city or town. It’s important for buyers how to reach their offices & colleges & ease of friends & family to visit their houses.
  • Transportation: A project must be well connected with all means of public transportation like local buses, taxis & autos. These days metro is developing in all parts of the country so metro connectivity is the game changer for the projects. So Buyers are interested in projects that are well connected through public transportation.
  • Pricing: Pricing of a project must be in accordance with the services & facilities it is offering. Buyers have different tastes according to budgets so a project must deliver value for money to its buyers whether it is a luxury project or affordable housing. 
  • Reputation of Developer: Buyers are more interested in projects that are developed by already established & reputed developers. Developers who already delivered a number of projects gain more confidence from buyers and attract buyers to purchase their projects. 

All the above factors impact a project’s viability to attract a lender & their decision to provide the loan. 

Construction Loan for Residential Projects

Construction loans for residential projects are specifically given for developing residential project and are largely offered by most of the banks and NBFCs as residential projects are given preference above all other construction projects. This real estate finance is available for company-owned land projects, joint-venture projects & SRA projects. Funding is available from Rs.5 crore to any amount.

Construction Loan Commercial Projects

We offer loans for developing commercial projects in all major locations. These loans can be available for lease-out projects for generating rental income, projects only for sale & mix of both. Funding is available from Rs.25 crores to any amount.

Key Features of Real Estate Funding

  • Available in all major cities
  • Can be raised for residential as well as commercial projects
  • Also available for stalled projects
  • Available for takeover projects through previous owners
  • Loan available from Rs.5 crores to 500 crores
  • Flexible repayment schedule according to sales collection & delivery of project
  • No additional collateral is required

Documents Required for Construction Loans

  • Land clearance certificate in case of converting agricultural land
  • Certified copy of the approved layout of land from the concerned authority.
  • Certificate of Rera approval
  • Permissions from concerned authorities like fire & FSI approval
  • Land ownership proof like a sale deed or JV agreement
  • Scheme of development
  • CA-certified project report
  • Building approval

Benefits of Choosing Us

  • Quick Process: Our shorter approval time provides funding at the time needed which ultimately fastens the construction pace and attracts more buyers
  • Easy Documentation: Our documentation is very easy and simple at easy onset of the process through only two documents
  • Easy Repayment Terms: We offer flexible repayment terms that match well with project sales. So no more burdens of heavy EMI.
  • Customized offerings: We offer customized financing solutions that feed the individual needs as per project financial & construction status
  • Easy Loan Takeover: Our financial products offer easy takeover of the previous loan of the project & infuse of additional funding for completing the project
  • No Additional Collateral: Our loan offerings do not require any additional collateral so construction loans can be raised by keeping the project as collateral

How Our Services Work?

Our services are very simple & work efficiently.

  1. Expert Consultation: Our expert provides consultation by accessing our client’s current financial situation, project status & project types then offering a perfect financial solution.
  2. Suggestions: We provide suggestions to make one’s financial numbers in alignment with the lender’s requirements.
  3. Application: Through our expertise on the subject, we make the application submission process in a very efficient way which results in positive outcomes.
  4. Approval & Disbursement: We always take care of timely approval & disbursements to deliver our promises.

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