Here, we are sharing case study of one of our client located in Mumbai.

Client was running a business of manufacturing high class TMT steel bars of 550D. Business started in year 2011 and they were really doing the good turnover of Rs.210 cr in year 2015 with good margins. They also availed loan facilities from SBI(State Bank of India) to the tune of Rs.18.50 cr which increases year on year to Rs.45 cr. This loan was secured by the way of their Residential house property, factory land & building and other current assets of company.

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In the year of 2016-2017, China started a dumping price war in India and breaks the price from Rs.50 to Rs.30. After this china raw material pressure, Indian government impose anti- dumping duty for five years, which is now extended for another five years. But due to this price war of almost two years, business of our client immensely affected, turnover crashed hugely, which swaps away margins and due to this client was unable to service the bank loan and which ultimately slips in to NPA Account or their loans turns in to NPA account. And bank increases the outstanding amount of our client to Rs.55 cr including interest & other charges.

After government impose of anti –dumping duty, business of client again started rising from 2019 and by the end of year 2021, they regain their sales to Rs.125 cr. And in the meantime, in year 2020 one of the premium ARC(Asset Reconstruction Company) take their account directly from the bank at some reduced prices.

So, ARC company approached our client for repayment of this loan at some reduced prices. Therefore a new loan agreement is signed between ARC & our client. Hence loan amount now reduced, this benefits our client but, again as per RBI guidelines account in ARC company is still considered NPA. So client was unable to transfer his loan to some regular bank as no bank can takeover a loan from ARC Company. Client wanted to do so because he was badly required working capital for his business as previously he managed the working capital for business from his family personal savings or assets and also wanted to came out this NPA Status, which unable them to excel in business.

After lots of fail trials with lot of banks & NBFC’s, client approached us with intention to transfer his NPA Account & requirement of working capital .

We at Fund Source India, analysed client business & terms with ARC company and ensure the client that, we can do this takeover of NPA Account and additionally able to arrange some working capital as business required some funds to be infused at that time.

We introduced one of our NPA finance company and put up all case facts in such a way that they immediately shows interest in the proposal. We arrange a one to one meeting of both parties and terms & conditions decided between both and after due diligence of around 45 days, this new loan was disbursed.

Benefits of this new loan to client :-:

NPA Account is closed directly by new company through direct RTGS
Security documents transferred directly to this new NPA Finance Company
A new repayment for 5 years is given to client
Moratorium of six months was also given
Freedom of liquidation of assets towards repayment( if required)
A new repayment track is created
Update & improvement in CIBIL Score
Now client can easily move to other bank for further funding options