Loan for Poor/Low Cibil

Loan against Property with bad CIBIL Score

Loan against property with a bad credit score is available for clients who have low credit scores due to past or present issues in the loan repayments and now looking for a new mortgage loan facility.

If a borrower has any issues in his credit history or low credit score then no bank or NBFC extends their loan facility to such borrowers despite the borrower having good property to offer as collateral. Credit scores can be affected due to following multiple reasons:

  • When a borrower defaults in making any of the repayments.
  • When a borrower extensively shops for a loan but gets rejected repeatedly.
  • When a borrower has never taken a loan in the past and there is no credit history to validate.

At Fund Source India, we help such clients to get loans against properties with bad credit scores through companies that are specially designed and interested in giving mortgage loans to such borrowers. These lenders are ready to understand the issues that affected their credit scores and If borrower is capable of overcoming these issues with their financial support then, a borrower can surely get a loan despite bad credit scores. 

A Borrower’s credit scores also improved with the repayment of this new mortgage loan which is given against the monthly EMI repayment schedule, so this loan proved to be a great tool to improve one’s credit scores. 

Key Features of Loan For Poor/Low Cibil​

  • Mortgage loan without cibil available against Residential & Commercial properties
  • Repayment in the form of monthly EMIs
  • Loan tenor – 1 year to 7 years
  • The moratorium period also provided
  • Loan amount starts from Rs.1 crore to any amount required
  • Loan available in PAN India
  • Easy onset of the process through soft copies
  • Helps to rebuild credit score