Special Situation Finance


What is Special Situation Finance?

Special Situation Finance is a finance facility provided to address unique and complex business situations where conventional finance products are unable to fulfill the requirement. These situations may include refinancing of NPA loans, mergers and acquisitions, family settlements, and more.

Our Services

Refinancing of NPA Loans

We offer loans/finance facilities to close the company’s previous NPA loan liability. NPA’s are like rust to iron, they eat companies and make them financially weak due to restrictions and legal issues associated with them. 

We provide funds to take over the NPA loans directly from the previous bank and offer a repayment plan as per the client’s business cycle and annual revenue. 

Loan for SMA1 & SMA2 

We provide financial support to companies who are under stress and their bank categorizes their loan accounts under SMA1 & SMA2. Now, they require funds to streamline their existing loans to come out of stressful situations. 

We can provide funds on an additional collateral property offered by the client, so he can repay his current loan overdues and make them standard.

Acquisition Financing

Our acquisition financing services support businesses looking to expand through mergers and acquisitions. We provide the capital needed to execute your acquisition strategy, ensuring a smooth transition and integration process.

Purchase of Stress Assets/Loan for Purchasing Bank Auction Properties

We provide loans to purchase distressed assets or NPA properties through bank auctions or directly through the NPA account holder. We can directly pay the bank conducting auctions along with your margin money to purchase assets through bank auctions. 

Funds are also provided where an NPA account holder wishes to sell off the properties directly to you with their respective bank consent.

Growth and Expansion Financing

We provide funds where companies seeking finance to expand but facing issues in raising funds through conventional banking channels due to statutory, and financial restrictions like eligibility and others.

Family Settlement Loan

A “family settlement loan” is a finance facility provided to facilitate the settlement of family disputes, particularly those involving the division of property, inheritance, or business divisions. This loan helps family members achieve an equitable distribution of assets by providing the necessary funds to buy out shares, pay off debts, or settle claims among family members. 

The aim is to avoid lengthy legal battles and ensure a smooth, amicable resolution. These loans can be particularly useful in situations where liquidity is needed to finalize the terms of a family settlement agreement.

Turnaround Financing

If your business is facing financial distress, our turnaround financing can help you stabilize operations, manage cash flow, and infuse working capital funds. We work closely with you to develop a customized plan that addresses immediate needs and sets the stage for long-term success.

Restructuring Financing

Whether it is an NPA loan restructuring, replacing an ARC loan, or a loan required to fulfill the scheme of arrangement in NCLT court, funds are available for every restructuring purpose.

Our solutions are designed to improve your financial stability and enhance your company’s performance.

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