Can we get a Loan for Real Estate Projects or Loan for Builders or Finance for Real Projects in India
These are above^ questions which are now common in minds of Real Estate Developers in India these days or might be they are struggling for the same.

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As Real Estate market in India has seen a lot of downfalls in past years due to revise in rates or over availability of inventory in some areas or may be greatly hit by Corona or lack of buyers during corona pandemic. Real Estate developers find lot of difficulty in getting loans for their real estate projects or finance for construction projects.

In fact, in last some years bank shows great lack of interest in Real Estate Financing and above that lot of NBFC like Reliance, Religare , Indiabulls, DHFL or Aditya Birla Finance who are pioneer in real estate financing, distance themselves from financing in real estate or may be they stopped their financing operations entirely.

So, are these above statement are true and if it is true at some extent or fully, then how a real estate developer raise funds for their projects or What are the financing solutions for real estate developers to complete their projects. In fact in past years, we all seen big names in real estate market struggling for getting finance from the market.

And what, if we say yes, there is still a hope of financing for real estate projects. In past years, a lot of new age companies entered in market which caters only real estate developers and provides end to end financing solutions for real estate. They not even ready to provide finance for real estate, but ready to give support till full completion of projects. And good news is this, that these companies not only cater to regular projects/builders, they even provide finance for developers with NPA accounts or projects which have been slips in npa accounts or under stress due to un-avoidable market circumstances.

Now, question arises who can get real estate finance and what are the terms & conditions for same. We will let you know step by step about this.

Requirements for Real Estate Finance :-:

All the areas which has potential buyers
Residential Project & Commercial project only
Client/company must delivered some projects
New developers also welcome with some conditions(kindly contact team)
Standard or NPA project is welcome
Profitable project revenues required
Clean revenue infusion with no funds diversion
Other Term & Conditions for Real Estate Finance :

For NPA Clients, payments can be made directly to previous banker
Loan Amount : as required for completion of project
Tenor : As per delivery of project
Repayment : As per sales share
Locations : all India
Sole owner or Joint venture deals welcome
To avail these loans facility client need to submit their project data online on the such sites or contact the team to get the help on the process.

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