Builder Loan / Construction Loan For Builders

Builder Loan

Builder Loan

Fund Source India provides Builder Loan to the real estate developers to complete their construction projects located in good developing areas & have high selling capacity and potential to give returns on investment. Builder loans are specially designed for real estate industry construction projects as they offer customized repayment schedules as per delivery dates & option to pay as per the sale of project units. These can be available in locations in India and loan amounts starting from Rs. Ten crores to any higher amount. This loan facility can be given for :

  • Residential Projects 
  • Commercial Projects
  • Re-development Projects
  • Stalled/Hold Projects

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What is Builder Loan?

Builder Loan is a loan facility given to a builder/developer to complete their construction projects in which repayment & other features are specially designed as per projects requirements & cash flow generated.

Every construction project requires a constant flow of finance to meet the day-to-day expenses & funds constantly to pay vendors & contractors to maintain a regular & speedy construction process which is necessary for the timely completion & delivery of the project. There are three main verticals through which funds are pumped into a construction project & out of all financing options/verticals loan stands out in the most important position as this is one of the largest chunks of funds required in a project so raising a loan is very crucial for project viability.

But, these days when banks withdraw their arm from financing to the real estate industry and after the collapse of major NBFCs active in builder financing, raising loans for real estate projects is very much difficult & challenging. Here Fund Source India is still capable of raising loans to meet our builders/developers’ requirements of loans to complete their construction projects.

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KeyFeatures of Builder Loan

  • Available PAN India
  • Loan starts from Rs.10 crores to any amount
  • Loan for Residential & Commercial projects
  • Loan for Stalled or NPA-declared projects
  • Easy Start of the process through soft copies
  • Easy repayment schedule as per project sales

Benefits of Builder Loan

  1. Loan for Residential & Commercial Projects: We provide funds/loans for completing residential projects or commercial projects. The project must be located at good developing or developed locations which ensures high footfall of buyers.
  2. Loan for Stalled or Hold Projects: We also provide loans for stalled projects or projects in which construction or development is stopped due to any given reasons due to lack of funding. 
  3. Loan for NPA Declared Projects: We are best at raising funds in projects in which a previous loan is declared NPA and requires additional funds to complete the project. We directly take over the previous loan liability & provide additional funds for the completion of the project.
  4. Ample Moratorium Period: We provide a sufficient moratorium period for repayment to ensure the development of the project till it will be ready to generate cash flows.
  5. Builder-Friendly Structuring: We strive to meet & structure the required finance based on the project economics and cash flows such that we arrive at a tailor-made structure to ensure the need-based availability of funds during the tenure of construction work.
  6. Easy Repayment: Easy & comfortable repayments mechanism through the escrow accounts & repayment that matches the project receivables.
  7. Expert Support & Services: We provide the best of our services from day one like suggestions to maintain project data that matches well with lenders’ requirements & suggestions towards maintaining the project viability in the future.

Construction Loan for Builders

Construction Loan for Builders is provided to builders & developers who are developing residential or commercial construction projects with good potential for buyers & capacity to generate profits for developers as well as lenders. 

Construction loans for builders are a kind of finance facility that provides financial support in tranches as per project development without burdening on interest part and supports repayment schedules as per sales collection through the ESCROW mechanism.

This loan can be raised in any region of India and any developer after obtaining all necessary permissions & licenses can apply for this loan. It is important to remember that this funding is only available for the mentioned project requirement & any diversification of funds is not allowed as the main objective of this financing is to give financial support to complete the given project only. Otherwise, every feature supports the builders & completion of projects. 

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Private Construction Loans for Builders

Private construction loans are available for builders who are facing issues in raising loans from conventional banking arrangements due to some compliance issues and irregular repayment of a previous loan.

These private construction loans are specifically beneficial for stalled/stuck projects and projects that declared NPA in previous loans. Also, builders who have issues in their management like the change of management team or acquiring a mid-way project from a previous builder are eligible for private construction loans.

In the past few years, the demand for private construction loans has increased due unavailability of banking loans for the real estate industry and a steep decline in interest of other financial institutions in offering construction loans for builders. So, the requirement for private loans for construction projects and in the real estate sector has increased enormously.

Construction Loan for Builders in India

Fund Source is the pioneer in providing construction loans for builders in India. We have an excellent track record for providing construction loans to builders for completing an ongoing or for starting a new construction project.

Our team is well-experienced in understanding the key financials of projects and explores the best solutions according to the current status of the project. Also, the team completes all the required documentation and arranges the finances to complete the construction of the project.

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