Construction Loan for Builders in Mumbai

Construction Loan for Builders in Mumbai

Fund Source India provides Construction Loan for Builders in Mumbai to complete their construction projects located in good developing areas & have high selling capacity and potential to give returns on investment. These loans are specially designed for construction projects in Mumbai as they offer customized repayment schedules as per delivery dates & option to pay as per the sale of project units. We provide funding for the real estate developers who located in Mumbai.

Construction Loan for Builders in Mumbai is provided to builders & developers who are developing residential or commercial construction projects with good potential for buyers & capacity to generate profits for developers as well as lenders. This loan can be raised by any developer after obtaining all necessary permissions & licenses can apply for this loan. Construction loan for builders in Mumbai is an excellent finance facility that allows financial support in tranches as per project development without burdening on interest part and supports repayment schedule.

Private Funding for Construction Projects in Mumbai

We exclusively provide private funding for construction projects for builder and developers located in Mumbai to complete their ongoing or stalled projects. This private funding facility for construction projects helps the builders to arrange finance for different requirements in their projects like vendor & contractor payments, purchase of raw material and settling old dues. This private funding facility is very helpful for the stalled projects and the projects that declared NPA due to which no other bank or financial institution not extending any loan facility to them. Any builder and developers from Mumbai region can avail this facility and can directly apply through this portal.

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