Urgent Loan With Bad Credit in India

Extreme Urgent Loan for Cibil Defaulters

This Urgent Loan With Bad Credit in India service is available for situations when money is required urgently & it will be difficult for conventional bank/NBFC to fund clients with bad cibil ratings. 

Fund Source India provides urgent loan for cibil defaulters to meet any payment deadline or for any special purpose like the closing a previous loan or immediate purchase of raw material. It can be raised within the shortest period and is available in PAN India. Urgent loans are available from Rs.1 crore to 10 crores and can be used for any purpose & can be raised against the collateral property

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Key Features of Urgent Loan with Bad Credit

  1. Urgent Loan from Rs.1 crore to 10 Crores
  2. Money arranged within 7 to 8 working days
  3. Available in all over India
  4. Against Residential, Commercial & Industrial Properties
  5. Against non – agriculture lands
  6. Money disburse directly in bank account
  7. Easy onset of process through online application

What is an Urgent Loan With Bad Credit?

An urgent loan for bad credit refers to a type of loan that is provided to individuals/companies who have a poor credit history or a low credit score. Urgent Loan is a loan raised by a company to meet current expenses or a special purpose/payment deadlines. 

Banks & other financial institutions, have restrictions on extending loans to borrowers with poor or bad credit scores and also these borrowers already wasted lot of time in pursuing loans from bank & nbfc’s so they have a urgency for taking urgent loans.

Most businesses seek Urgent Loan from private lenders due to issues in raising funds due to credit rating or incomplete or improper documentation. Moreover, these issues can be resolved in the near future so they can raise permanent finance options with better competent rates. 

Urgent Loan can be taken for the following situations:

  • For any kind of immediate finance requirement
  • To purchase raw material
  • To close a previous loan
  • Issues in credit ratings
  • Lack of sufficient documents for the loan
  • When a large funding is in process, but taking time for disbursement

Advantages of Urgent Loans

  1. Easy onset of process : The loan can be applied online through filling a short application form. This saves a lot of time & money as while sitting in any city in India you can apply online and take the advantage of starting the application in a very first minute. Apply Now
  2. Fast approval Time : Urgent loan offers one of the fastest approval time through fast application login and easy upload of documents makes lenders to make decisions quickly.
  3. Solution for bad credit : Clients can avail urgents loans even with the bad or poor credit history. We do not discriminate between good and bad rating clients, we only focus on the current repayment capacity of our clients. If a client has a well settled business and ample collateral to offer then he can easily avail our urgent loan facility.
  4. To Close NPA Loan: A borrower can use this finance facility to close an existing NPA loan with the previous banker. This way, the borrower can get rid of legal litigations with his previous banker and save their precious properties. This also upgrades the borrower’s credit score.
  5. Customized Repayment Solution : We offer various repayment options, like emi, balloon repayment or even bullet payment mode is also available. According to the client’s business cash flow & payment cycle, the repayment method is mutually decided with the client.
  6. Lower documentation: In contrast to traditional financing of banks, a bridge finance facility is also available for clients who started their business journey in the past two to three years but performing well but have limited documents with them.
  7. Cleaner Balance Sheet: It can be utilized for paying the current statutory liabilities or overdue in other loan accounts to smoothen the loan repayments and keep the company free from bad loans and maintaining a cleaner balance sheet.
  8. Better than private lenders : Our urgent loan facility serves as an intermediate loan product between traditional banking finance and private lending. As we do not follow credit rating systems like other banks and NBFC’s neither apply tougher terms & conditions for mortgages like private lenders. We work as private financiers on sanctioning the loan file and work as traditional banks on mortgage terms & conditions.
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